Meet Eli Verschleiser

Eli Verschleiser is a financier, real estate developer, and investor in commercial real estate.

In his Philanthropy, Mr. Verschleiser is on the  Board of Trustees of the American Jewish Congress, which for the past century has been on the front lines fighting for the civil rights and liberties of minorities. The American Jewish Congress has had a deep and abiding commitment to ensuring the survival and security of Israel, and protecting Jewish communities around the world.

Mr. Eli Verschleiser is a Co-Founder of, which was founded to protect children by promoting education in personal safety to combat child sex abuse. Magenu takes a coordinated effort between schools, parents, and children to achieve its mission.

Eli is the President for OurPlace, a non-profit organization that provides support, shelter, and counseling for troubled Jewish youth. Our Place has numerous facilities including The Living Room, Girls Place, & Sober Living House, all geared to providing troubled youth with a second chance; an opportunity to serve as a source of everlasting pride to their family, community and Jewish heritage.

Mr. Verschleiser is a frequent commentator on political and social services matters.